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Clubs (2016-2017)
Adopt A Soldier: (Advisors: Joanna Tobing)
This group hopes to raise awareness in the school community regarding those who fight to keep our country free. Students will plan a school-wide assembly.  They will be raising money to purchase phone cards to send to our soldiers overseas.  In addition, they will be sending cards to our soldiers during the holiday season.

Awards Assembly: (Advisors: Amanda Albano/Maria Calaf)
When students join Awards Assembly, they get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the Awards Assemblies--which celebrate students' academic and artistic abilities--that we hold three times a year.  Students in the club play a major role in helping shape each assembly as they assist in selecting the acts who audition, writing speeches for our honored Students of the Quarter and Distinguished Service recipients, and preparing the show to be performance ready.  It is fitting that a club that celebrates students' talents would have students at the helm.
Be the Change: (Advisor: Kristen Warner)
The Be The Change Club is composed of students and faculty members who are interested in making Rye High School a more welcoming place for all students. We meet, on average, twice a month, to plan activities that will foster more inclusiveness and encourage students of different grades and cliques to get to know each other. Past initiatives have included the creation of a lunch group program that organized groups of students and faculty members for monthly, casual lunch meetings, as well as working with Bread of Life to host Saturday night dinners at a homeless shelter in White Plains. We have a growing club membership this year and look forward to continuing our good work!
Garnet & Black: (Advisor: Anthony Frabizzio)
The Garnet and Black is Rye High School's student-produced newspaper. Each month, students cover school and community news in addition to world news stories. The school newspaper is a place for the student body to research, report, and share opinions on topics across politics, the arts, and sports while learning the skills and discipline necessary to be a successful journalist.

Gardening Club: (Advisor: George Krajca)
The High School Garden Club meets weekly to learn about alternative methods to traditional farming.  The club experiments with hydroponic and aeroponic systems in order to develop ways to grow food more efficiently, with less harm to the environment.  Whether you are interested in agriculture, biology, or conservation, the Garden Club is a great place to learn about green technology.

Gay Straight Alliance  GSA: (Advisor: Sandy Degenhardt)
This club continues to participate in National Campaigns for LQBT youth and their allies including Ally week, and Day of Silence. The students meet twice a year with the eighth grade Health classes and share their experiences as members of GSA. The members also represent Rye High School at the Annual GLSEN PRIDEWORKS conference which is highlight for all that have ever attended.  They run a number of bake sales to raise money for the Ali Forney Homeless Youth Shelter servicing LGBT teens.
International Club: (Advisors: Marion Horgan / Alexandra Soberon)
International Club provides students with the opportunity to share & learn about one another's cultures. Members present, teach and share all different aspects of their culture and each year culminates with a festival celebrating the diversity of the RHS student body.

Investment Club: (Advisors: James Baker / Peter Thomas)
The Rye High School Investment Club is a student run organization that promotes student involvement in researching and investing in the equities markets. Club members engage in a year long mock portfolio game and start with an initial $100,000. Club members meet weekly to review portfolios and share investment strategies. The club also models marketing strategies in the form of fundraisers. If you are interested in taking control of your financial future, join us.
Jazz Band: (Advisor: Dan Brown)
The Jazz Band draws motivated students from the Band who wish to explore jazz and improvisation in a Big Band context. Students rehearse and perform music from various periods of jazz history as well as contemporary works.  Skills in improvisation are developed and students are encouraged to listen to jazz recordings and attend jazz performances.  In addition to home football games, the Jazz Band performs at two school Jazz Nights and participates in local and regional jazz festivals.  Click here for more information.
Jazz Lab Band:  (Advisor: Todd Beaney)
The Jazz Lab Band is another opportunity for motivated students from the Band who are interested in playing and learning about jazz and contemporary styles. Ensemble performance techniques in both historical and contemporary jazz styles are emphasized along with improvisation.  The Jazz Lab Band performs at two school Jazz Nights and also combines with the Jazz Band to play at home football games.
Click here for more information.

Junior Statesmen of America: (Advisors: Jim Baker / John Murolo )
JSA is a national organization run by student leaders, who plan and execute conventions, conferences and political awareness events.  We are a local chapter that participates in these events where ideas are exchanged through debates, thought talks, and a variety of simulations, about politics, government, foreign affairs, the law, and education.

LifeStyle: (Advisor: Robyn Kaminer)

The Lifestyle Club aims to help students attain a positive sense of health and wellbeing.  We address how to manage time and stress, as well as how to deal with societal pressure in healthy ways.   The "information age" often leaves us inundated with lots of false beliefs about what is "healthy."  We aim to cover and explore multiple aspects of health and wellness, so students can learn how to make educated decisions, and develop a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. 

Math Team: (Advisor: Jessica Comitino)
Math Team provides a creative, supportive environment for students to cooperatively engage in competition-type problem-solving.  Members of this team may choose to participate in Westchester Interscholastic Math League (WIML) competitions.  Click here for more information.

Music and Beyond: (Advisor: Lynn Kraut)
This unique HS/MS club provides an opportunity for students with different musical backgrounds to practice music for enjoyment, and for performances at various venues around the community.  Students who play non-standard instruments (guitar, ukulele, and piano) can perform in ensembles with others, or as soloists.  Older students/more advanced musicians can provide mentoring opportunities for the younger students.  Students can also earn community service for many of the activities associated with this club.

Model U.N.: (Advisor: James Bannon)
Model U.N. is a student club that simulates the economic, political, and social debates/issues of the United Nations. Each year, our club prepares for and attends two conferences by researching our assigned countries and engaging in mock debates/committee hearings. Students are trained in the rules of diplomatic debate and position papers. Students are encouraged to join Model UN as Freshmen and are then eligible to attend the conferences at Harvard University and at the United Nations once they have attended meetings for a year.
Parsons Street Players Club: (Advisor: Tom Snowden)
The purpose of the club is to unify the students involved in the Fall Play, Musical, Musical Review and Tech Crew to produce a top notch Theatre program.

Rhythm On Rye: (Advisor Tom Snowden)
Rhythm on Rye is an auditioned co-ed vocal a capella group.  This is a student directed performing group with a faculty adviser.  The group rehearses 2-3 times per week and performs at school, sporting, community, and charitable events. Their music consists of original arrangements by students.  They have been competing annually in ICHSA a capella competitions.  Their year culminates with a final concert at which alumni of the group come back to perform as well. 
Science Olympiad: (Advisor: Amy Leahy / Brian Rodefeld)
The Science Olympiad encourages students to participate in a Regional Competition involving various fields of science incorporated with mathematics and technology.  Each team consists of 15 members, with a maximum of seven (7) seniors allowed on one team. Each team competes in 23 events that run throughout the day at a hosting school.

Social Services Clubs (Coordinator: Sandy Degenhardt)
  • Breast Cancer Awareness: This club has partnered with the Rye SoleRyders organization and is active in community programs such as the October ~ Tie the Town PINK, Cover the Court Coin drive and Breast Cancer Walks. They sponsor guest speaker/survivors for the members and do fund raising throughout the year. The members have discusses branching out and including other kinds of cancer awareness for this year.               
  • Diabetes Awareness Club: The club’s focus is on educating the school community about issues related to having and living with Diabetes, understanding the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics, and will raise funds for Type 1 Diabetes research. The club plans to work to do outreach to the elementary and middle schools as well as run low carb bake sales
  •  Gender Equity Club:  This club works to educate their HS peers about issues related to teen dating, domestic violence, gender violence prevention, and other current gender issues relative to teens. They host guest speakers for the HS students and run bake sales for My Sister’s Place – a family shelter. 
  • Hospital Heroes:  The club works closely with staff at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital to do fund raising, volunteer at hospital activities and collect gifts for holidays and special occasions. 
  • Meningitis Club:   The club members work to educate the RHS community regarding the importance of vaccinations for Meningitis and awareness of the seriousness of the disease. Its members speak in HS and MS Health classes and run bake sales for the National Meningitis Association. They also participate in the annual MS diversity day. The president of this club is actively invovled with the National Meningitis Association, attends their annual Gala and is featured on their national website.
  • Human Rights Awareness Club:​ This club runs educational meetings focused on international human rights issues including children’s rights, international laws, and refugee rights. During the year, they run bake sales to support the work of Human Rights Watch. ​
Student Council: (Advisor: Peter Thomas)
The Rye High School Student Council provides the main forum for discussing student concerns and ideas. We are dedicated to developing leadership skills and enhancing co-curricular life. In addition, students are given the opportunity to interact with faculty, staff and administrators. The Rye High School Student Council is responsible for representing and serving the needs of the student body through coordinating student activities and charity fundraisers and holding regular meetings.
VAASA (Advisor: Tim Tolve)
VAASA(Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse) is a group of high school students who sign a contract in the fall vowing not to use tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs.  Every Friday afterschool VAASA members meet in room 155.  Throughout the year, VAASA students speak to 7th and 8th graders about the dangers and consequences of abusing drugs.  They discuss why and how they are able to remain drug free.  It is a great way for RHS students to interact with the younger population.  Although in the past it was only open to varsity athletes, any student who can make this vow, regardless of their age or involvement can join.
Weightlifting and Fitness: (Advisor: Josh Plaice)
The fitness center is open to all students three days per week after school. There will be a knowledgeable supervisor who can help assist the students and teach them proper lifting techniques. There are also several stationary bikes available for students to get in a good cardio workout.
Zephyr Art: (Advisor: Bendis Mani)
Zephyr Magazine is a yearly endeavor of the best writers and some of the best artists of the Rye High School. It is a magazine composed of mostly contest-winning writings and creations from the Zephyr Literary Club. The art illustrations made with multimedia are produced in our studios. The Art Club members' main jobs are to read, collect artwork, and successfully use them to illustrate the writings. The Art Club also does the layout work for the magazine. 
Zephyr Literary: (Advisor: George Krajca)
The Zephyr staff publishes a literary and fine arts journal once per year, in May.  During the year, students meet weekly to review submitted manuscripts and select poems, short stories, and essays for publication in the annual Zephyr Literature and Art magazine.  They also choose artwork to feature in the magazine.  Finally, the students layout the magazine using Adobe InDesign.  The club also offers opportunities to participate in writing workshops.


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